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June 2011

The lead feature of the June issue of World Coal is underground mining, with technical articles on longwall ploughs and shearers, roof support and seals and a spotlight feature this month on clean coal technology. Gordon Cope provides the regional report on the US, analysing the positive trend in production and sales. Hal Quinn of the NMA’s Industry View accompanies the regional report with a discussion of how the US coal industry is improving as the economy continues to recover. Finally, June includes the North American manufacturers review, with information about equipment manufacturers in the US and Canada.

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Coal News

Industry View: Brighter Prospects For Coal
Hal Quinn, National Mining Association, US.

Digging Upwards
Gordon Cope examines how prospects for US coal are looking up.

North American Manufacturers Review 2011

Single Source Supplier
Mike Calderone, Clive Hibbert and Ed Niederriter, Joy Mining Machinery, US.

Robert Bolinger, Minova North America, US.

Marching To The Beat Of A Different Drum
Gordon McShannon, Hydra Mining Tools, UK.

Leading The Way
Keian Barnard, Ampcontrol Pty Ltd, Australia.

A Weight Off Their Shoulders
Gary Lockney, J.H. Fletcher & Co., US.

Keeping The Power On
Kent W. Jones, P.E., Line Power Manufacturing Corp., US.

Sparking A Revival
Nick Warr, Metal Innovations plc, UK.

Into The Future
Alisa Murphy, B9 Coal, UK.

Accelerating Global Depolyment of CCS
Jørg Aarnes, DNV, Norway.

Full Steam Ahead
Mike Gradoia and Richard Kehl, GE Power & Water, US.

A Carbon Harvest
Samuel Morton III and Mark Crocker, the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), US.

Solid Sorbent Use In CCS
Holly Krutka, Sharon Sjostrom and Travis Starns, ADA Environmental Solutions, US.

Buyer Beware
Mark Witmer and Martin Metzger, Silicon Carbide Products Inc., US.

Product News

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