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July 2013

This month, World Coal focuses on the global coal-fired power industry. We include reports on the US, European and Asia-Pacific power markets, as well as taking a look at global mercury emissions regulation. We also invite three leading equipment suppliers to provide their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The rest of the magazine looks at coal handling and storage with articles on conveyor systems, coal sampling and analysis, and coal storage and stockyard management. Finally, this month's Industry View from Martin Christie, executive director of Bettercoal, offers an insight into this great new industry initiative that aims to bring transparency to the coal supply chain.

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Coal News

Industry View: Understanding Your Supply Chain
Martin Christie, Bettercoal, UK.

Down But Not Out
Mike Mellish and Greg Adams, US Energy Information Adminstration, discuss coal-fired power generation in the US.

Powering The Asia-Pacific
Shivanshu Agnitoti, GlobalData, UK, explains why coal retains top spot when it comes to powering the Asia-Pacific region.

Prospects For New Coal-Fired Plants In Europe
Harald Thaler, Frost & Sullivan, UK, notes weakness in core markets but also explores emerging opportunities on Europe's periphery.

Global Mercury Regulation
Peter Ion discusses the challenges in attempting to reduce mercury emissions levels in the coal-fired power industry.

Power Industry Leaders Forum
World Coal asked three leading equipment suppliers to the coal-fired power industry for their views on current trends and developments.

Firm Foundations
Adam C. McClellan, P.E., and Shawn P. Cochran, P.E., Storm Technologies Inc., US, explain why remembering the fundamentals can yield cost-effective results in coal combustion.

Changing Direction
Bob Lord and Michael Charlton, Flexco, US.

Shaping Up!
Jarrod Felton, Superior Industries, US.

A Tense Calculation
Jeff Poe, Precision Pulley and Idler, US.

Taking Up The Slack
Tamara Wilson, Bryant Products Inc., US.

Essential Elements
Altra Industrial Motion, US.

Making The Right Choice
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, US.

Effective Sampling Programmes
Jarrett Sidney, McLanahan, US.

When Failure Is Not An Option
Gerard Lyndsey, River Consulting, US.

The First 100,000m3 Coal Silo
Richard Spaargaren and Jaap P.J. Ruijgrok, ESI Eurosilo BV, The Netherlands.

An Alternative Method
Philip Waddell, Telestack, UK.

Product News

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