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July 2008

On this month's cover: The new P&H 9030C Dragline represents innovative breakthroughs in design, productivity and reliability, and builds on proven components and concepts from the world class P&H 9020.

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Guest Comment
Guest Comment

Coal News
Coal News

Politics, Power and a Numbers Game
Barry Baxter reports on the complex and often frustrating situation facing the South African coal industry.

South African Coal
Dr Wolfgang Ritschel, Association of Coal Importers, Germany, and Dr Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer, RWE Power AG, Germany, provide an overview of the South African coal industry.

Capturing Hearts and Minds for CCS
Geoff Beattie, Cohn & Wolfe Global Consultancy, makes the case for proactive campaigning on behalf of CCS.

Greener, Cleaner Coal Mining
AbdulMajeed Aziz, EnerTech Capital, Mike Mosser, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of Energy, and Vladislav Kecojevic, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, highlight new technologies for reducing energy consumption in the US coal industry.

Clean Coal of the Future
Kenneth J. Fergusson, UCG Partnership, UK, overviews the development and potential of underground coal gasification.

The Science of Turning Coal Green
Charles Conroy, The Greenbank Group Inc., considers boiler efficiency in coal-fired power plants.

Nuon Magnum IGCC Power Plant Update
Robert de Kler, Nuon, the Netherlands, reviews the development of the company's new multi-fuel-fired IGCC power plant.

Yorkshire Coal Goes Green
Michael Gibbons, Powerfuel PLC, UK, outlines the company’s proposal for a new coal-fired IGCC power plant.

Coal Challenges in the EU
Gordon Feller reports on the future of coal-fired power plants in Europe.

On the Road to Success
Hanno Bertignoll, Sandvik Mining and Construction, Austria, describes some of the company's system solutions for faster and safer roadway development and room-and-pillar coal mining.

Product News
Product News

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