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January 2022

Happy New Year! Make sure to check out World Coal’s first issue of 2022, which, as usual, is packed full of all the latest coal industry news and information. Wood Mackenzie’s regional report on North America is a must read, and don’t miss out on all new technical articles from DMT, Jennmar, Benetech, and more! This month’s front cover is provided by Caterpillar.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Caterpilla.

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05 World News

10 The Ups And Downs Of Coal In North America
Adam Woods, Luke Fritz, and Elyse Steiner, Wood Mackenzie: Coal Research Team, USA, explore the impact of the energy transition on coal and what the future may hold for coal as a result.

15 Dimensioning Longwalls
Ulrich Langosch, Axel Studeny, Thomas Geldmacher, and René Oberhaus, DMT, present an overview of the advances in rock mechanical planning, the associated expanded range of applications for longwall mining, and the benefits for the mining operator.

20 Combat Ground Stress With A Curve
Benjamin Mirabile, Jennmar, USA, reviews the usefulness of the ground response curve concept in helping the tunnelling and mining industries to better manage and control ground movement and stress.

25 Production Done Safely
Greg Bierie, Benetech Inc., USA, reviews some new technologies that have been designed to improve safety, eliminate dust and spillage, and facilitate easy maintenance.

29 In Control Of Coal Dust
Alwin Nienaber and Dewald Tintinger, Weba Chute Systems, South Africa, outline some better ways of controlling coal dust at transfer points.

33 Dust Suppression: A Top Priority
Lee Gailer, on behalf of RST Solutions, Australia, emphasises the importance of ensuring dust suppression methods do not affect the properties within coal or reduce its quality.

39 Performing Under Pressure
Martin Vieira, Matec Pacific Pty Ltd, provides a performance evaluation of a plate and frame high pressure filter press on various coal tailings feed materials with different particle size distributions.

43 More Pressure, Less Problems: Part Two
In the second part of a two-part article, Steve Meiring, Ausenco Services Pty Ltd, Australia, concludes a comparison of dewatering technologies for fine coal tailings.

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