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January 2012

World Coal kicks off 2012 with its annual World Review. Technical articles survey upcoming trends in the coal industry, while in the inaugural OEM RoundTable representatives from four major equipment manufacturers give their verdict on the year ahead. This month’s regional report focuses on India, and correspondent Mike King examines how legislative changes may affect the country’s rapidly expanding coal industry. January’s technical feature is on coal handling, and includes articles on conveyor systems and dust control.

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Coal News

Industry View: Carbon Capture And Storage Is Not Optional
Brad Page, Global CCS Institute, Australia.

Coming Up Short
India is set to become the largest importer of coal in the world. But doubts remain over many aspects of current power sector legislation and electricity tariffs. Mike King examines the uncertainty this is creating for the power generating companies and the miners that serve them.

World Review 2012

A Major Role To Play
Benjamin Sporton, World Coal Association.

Black Tide?
Johannes Trüby, Moritz Paulus and Carlos Fernández Alvarez, International Energy Agency/University of Cologne.

OEM RoundTable 2012
Jonathan Rowland asks four leading equipment manufacturers for their take on the coal industry and its prospects for the coming year.

A Smooth Transfer
Aaron Gibbs, ASGCO, US.

Dusting Off
Edwin Peterson, Dust Control Technology, US.

Handle With Science
R. Todd Swinderman, P.E., and Andy Marti, Martin Engineering, US.

Gearless Drive Solutions
Christian Dirscherl and Dr Torsten Hellmuth, Siemens Drive Technologies, Germany.

On Track
Michael Noncic, Flexco, US.

Product News

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