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February 2015

In this month’s issue of World Coal, the regional report from Barry Baxter looks to Mozambique, a country that at once offers great potential for coal miners, while also posing a great number of challenges. The February issue also features articles on roof bolting and grouting, as well as conveyors, gears and drives. Also in the issue is the Exploration and Mine Development Review, which profiles coal exploration and mine development projects from around the globe. The February Industry View, from Will Cotezer at Stratum International, explains why the mining industry is facing a demographic time bomb, as industry leaders approach retirement age with seemingly a dearth in young talent to fill the gaps they are soon to leave.

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Coal News

Industry View: A Demographic Time Bomb
Will Coetzer, Stratum International, UK.

Getting There Too Slowly
Mozambique remains a land of substantial opportunities and significant challenges for those developing its coal industry, writes Barry Baxter.

An Indispensable Tool
Uwe Wyink, BASF, Germany, discusses injection technology and explains how, by selecting the right material, it is possible to improve the safety and efficiency of coal mining.

Fighting Friction
Travis Sub, Emerson Goncus, and John Stankus, Keystone Mining Services, engineering affiliate of Jennmar, US, detail the development and testing of the TT anti-friction washer and discuss case studies of actual mine applications.

In Narrow Confines
Bill Kendall, J.H. Fletcher & Co., US, explains how narrow roof bolters can improve safety in coal mines.

The Driving Force
Matt Morrissey, Siemens, Canada, explains the importance of matching the right gearbox with the right weighfeeder in a conveyor system.

Conveyor Drive Innovation
Pierre van Rooyen, David Brown, South Africa, explains how industry trends fuel innovation in conveyor drive technology.

Dark Times
Last year was a bleak year for coal project development, writes Clifford Smee, Timetric, Australia, as he reviews coal exploration and project developments around the world.

Project Profile: Amaam North And Amaam
Tigers Realm Coal aims to build a global metallurgical coal company on its Amaam North and Amaam projects in Russia’s Far East.

Project Profile: Hyde Park
With 364 million t of JORC indicated and 1.3 billion t of JORC inferred thermal coal resources under its belt since drilling started in July 2013, as well as ongoing drilling further defining the resource, the Hyde Park project keeps delivering for Resolve Coal.

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