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December 2009

World Coal focuses on underground mining in the December issue, with articles on a variety of topics, including longwall automation and roof control. We also take an in depth look at Mozambique, a country with huge but as yet undeveloped coal reserves. The spotlight feature looks at gearboxes operating in harsh environments, while we complete the issue with an article on CBM reservoir heterogeneity.

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Guest Comment
Guest Comment

Coal News
Coal News

At the Crossroads
Barry Baxter explains how logistics threaten coal developments in Mozambique.

Going Global
Steve Mallyon, Riversdale Mining Ltd, Australia, discusses the potential global significance of the Moatize coal region, Mozambique.

The Key to Productivity
Dr Sebastian Mundry and Johannes Wesselmann, Bucyrus, explain why highly integrated longwall automation systems mean faster, smoother and safer production.

Preventing Roof Fall
Ulrich Langosch and Ulrich Ruppel, DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, discuss dimensioning of shield supports to optimise longwall roof control.

No Sign of a Downturn
Anthony Fensom, Industrea Ltd, Australia, describes how a safety push in China has boosted the prospects of equipment suppliers to the country.

Deep, but Safe
Gary L. Lockney, J.H. Fletcher & Co., US, describes the journey to improved deep mine roof control safety and productivity.

Split Decision
Adrian Menzies, Revolvo Ltd, UK, explains how the split roller bearings chosen for coal handling conveyors at Hatfield colliery, UK, can cut downtime by up to 90%, compared to solid bearings.

Selecting for Safety and Speed
Hanno Bertignoll, Sandvik Mining and Construction, Austria, outlines state-of-the-art trends for faster and safer roadway development and room-and-pillar mining in underground coal mining.

A Tough Test
Manlio Alvaro, Allison Transmission Europe, explains the importance of using the most appropriate machinery, especially in harsh environments.

CBM Challenges
Dr John M. Pope, GST–WellDog, US, discusses the challenge of reservoir heterogeneity to CBM development.

Providing, Installing and Maintaining the Solution
Aaron Gibbs, ASGCO Manufacturing Inc., US, provides an overview of the company's complete conveyor solutions.

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