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August 2013

This month, World Coal focuses on the transportation and logistical aspects of the coal industry. Articles analyse the importance of understanding the coal supply chain from mine to power plant via rail, port, sea etc., while also looking at the equipment used in the transportation of coal. We look at cranes and grabs, shiploaders and unloaders, train and barge transportation, and advances in offshore transhipment. The issue features World Coal’s Port & Terminal Review, in which we review some recent coal loading and unloading projects from around the world. Articles from Jonny Sultoon, Wood Mackenzie, Santu Tiwari and Deepak Kumar, GlobalData, Evgeny Masternak, En+, and Tomasz Konik, Deloitte, explore the European coal market in World Coal’s regional report. In this month’s industry view, Mike Maddison, Deloitte, explains why the coal industry must begin to change current attitudes to cyber security in an increasingly digital age.

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Coal News

Industry View: Energy Security And Low Carbon Economies
Nikki Fisher, Anglo American.

Market Trends
Continuous miner technology is a well-established part of underground coal and soft rock mining. In this article, M. Dangela, U. Lange, K. Nienhaus and A. K. Bayer, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, present the results of the Global Continuous Miner & Bolter Miner Census 2012.

Losing Ground
In the face of resource nationalism, infrastructure constraints, and the threat of strike action, South Africa is gradually losing its status as the pre-eminent mining country on the African continent. Dr Elizabeth Stephens, JLT Specialty Ltd, UK, reports.

Sensing Danger
As global production levels increase, gas in mines remains a hazard. John Warburton, City Technology, UK, discusses how gas sensing technology is improving mine safety.

The View From Space
M. Graniczny, Z. Kowalski and M. Przylucka, Polish Geological Institute, Poland, with D. Colombo, T.R.E., Italy, explain how satellites help the Polish mining industry in detecting coal mining induced surface deformation.

A Model Idea
SRK Consulting, UK, discuss the use of 3-D modelling software in coal resource to coal reserve conversions for underground coal mines.

Who Let The Gas Out?
John Pope, WellDog, US, and Quentin Morgan, WellDog Pty Ltd, Australia, describe a new in-situ method for assessing pre-drainage needs for underground coal mines.

Safety On The Move
Russell Warn, Dräger Safety Inc., US, explains why portable gas detectors offer added advantages over personal protective devices.

Going Up
Shawn Collins and José Montoya, FKC-Lake Shore, US, explain why vertical conveyors have a bright future in deep shaft mining.

Trickle-Down Ergonomics
Ron Dickey, Joy Global, US, explains why productivity and safety initiatives drive a global trend toward next-level shuttle car suspension.

Safe, Controlled, Productive
Simon H Lewis, PBE, Australia, discusses the role of underground communication systems in running an efficient coal mine.

The Big Picture
Chris Snell, Mine Site Technologies, Australia, explains the benefits of integrated systems of automation technology.

Keeping Ahead Of Schedule
Shawn Ready, Dassault Systèmes Geovia Inc., Canada, discusses the benefits of planning and scheduling underground mining operations.

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