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August 2012

This month World Coal turns to Australia with an in-depth regional report of the coal industry down under that looks at the area’s prospects and its skills gap. Meanwhile, World Coal correspondent Barry Baxter reports on South Africa’s ongoing debate about mine nationalisation. The August issue’s technical lead feature is underground mining, with articles on proximity detection systems and bolter miners, among others, and the general interest section includes articles on mine planning and software development.

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Coal News

Fuelling A Global Trade
Alan Copeland, Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, Australia, offers an overview of the recent history and likely prospects of the Australian coal industry.

Taming The Bulls
Australia’s bullish coal sector is being hit by rising costs, slowing demand and increasing environmental opposition. How should it react? Ng Weng Hoong reports.

An Opening In The Market
Professor Alice Clark, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Australia, explains how Australia’s minerals industry is rising to meet the challenges posed by the skills gap.

Hidden Treasures
Hugh Dai, International Coal Ltd, Australia, explains the company’s steps to exploiting the potential of a major new thermal coal basin in Queensland.

Modernising Underground Logistics
Dr. F. Becker, Becker Mining Systems AG, Germany.

A Two-Trick Pony
Hanno Bertignoll, Sandvik Mining, Austria.

Personal Space
Brian Thompson, Joy Global.

Hydraulic Safety
Gary Nauer, Parker Hannifin, Australia.

Tough Jobs Require Tough Solutions
Dr Uli Lange, Eickhoff Bergbautechnik GmbH, Germany.

Welcome To Coal Country
David Tealby, Runge Ltd, Australia.

A Powerful Partnership
David J. Morris, Taggart Global LLC, South Africa.

Planning For Success
Andy Birtles, Wardell Armstrong International, UK.

Product News

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