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August 2009

The August issue of World Coal focusses on a subject currently preoccupying the industry: clean coal. We look at the cases for pre- and post-combustion capture of CO2, as well as CTL, boiler optimisation and mercury emissions reduction. Elsewhere, the regional review examines the South African coal industry, and the spotlight feature looks at coal analysers.

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Guest comment
Guest comment

Coal News
Coal News

Searching for Solutions
South African producers battle prices, power and politics. World Coal correspondent, Barry Baxter, reports from Johannesburg.

Into the Rainbow Nation
Jim Harrison and Tyler M. Placha, Taggart-JHDA, South Africa, and Dave Morris, Taggart Global LLC, Australia/South Africa, discuss the company’s expansion into the South African coal industry as the latest stage in its global approach to doing business.

Cleaning Up King Coal
Gordon Cope takes a look at clean coal technologies.

It's Time to Back Carbon Capture
The coal industry has much to gain from carbon capture and storage (CCS). Sam Gomersall, CO2DeepStore, UK, explains how coal can work with other industries to make CCS a commercial reality.

Assessing CTL Prospects
James T. Bartis and Paul Steinberg explain the findings of research into the potential of CTL in the US, as carried out by RAND Corp.

Measuring Up
Jake Roberts, The Greenbank Group, UK, examines new technology for coal particle size analysis for improving boiler optimisation in coal-fired power plants.

Taking an Inclusive Approach
Marcus Scholz, GE Energy, Spain, makes the case for pre-combustion capture of CO2 in IGCC power plants.

Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
Dr Tobias Jockenhövel, Siemens AG Energy Sector, Germany, discusses the development of post-combustion carbon capture technology.

Actively Reducing Mercury Emissions
Dr Michael Durham, ADA Environmental Solutions, and Jean Bustard, ADA Carbon Solutions, US, give details of a new coal-based plant that will produce activated carbon for the control of mercury emissions from coal-fired power.

Is Coal the New Oil?
Dave Willmott and Steve Haywood, Otto Simon Ltd, UK, ask whether clean coal solutions provide a viable alternative to oil and gas in securing global energy supplies.

Analysing Indonesian Coal
Stephen Southern and Monang Pasaribu, Intertek Mineral Services, Indonesia, discuss some of the issues relating to laboratory analysis of low-rank Indonesian coal samples.

Product News
Product News

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