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October 2023

Welcome to the October issue of Global Mining Review! This edition delves into several key topics, such as: lubricants, electrification, decarbonisation, screening, processing, drones, and sampling.

The Copper Mark has provided a special report addressing sustainability in the copper value chain, and we have the latest insights from a range of big industry names, including: TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, Normet, Derrick® Corp., First Mode, and many more.

Enjoy this month’s cover image, courtesy of Eddyfi Technologies.

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Guest Comment

Industry News

Creating A Sustainable Copper Value Chain
Michèle Brülhart, The Copper Mark, addresses how to support effective environmental, social, and governance policy that drives positive impact in the global copper value chain.

Lubricating The Path To Energy Efficiency
Mickael Ponsardin and Grégoire Roux, TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, explore the role of lubricants in the pursuit of energy efficiency.

Breaking Down The Barriers To Electrification
Mark Ryan, Normet, Finland, explains why using battery electric vehicles in the mining industry might not be as complicated as it seems.

The Push Towards Electrification
Dr Barry Flannery, Xerotech, Republic of Ireland, outlines how lithium-ion batteries are poised to reshape the mining industry.

The Key To A Clean Future
Nth Cycle, USA, describes how innovative refining technology can produce a clean, domestic supply of high-purity critical metals.

Revolutionising Iron Ore Processing
Sam Scarcello, Derrick® Corp., USA, reviews the company’s contributions to iron ore processing and its role in helping major players address complex challenges.

Drones In The Underground Mining Industry: The Next Big Thing?
Eloise McMinn Mitchell, Flyability, Switzerland, discusses how drones are used in the underground mining industry, and why this technology is growing in popularity.

Haul The Emissions Away
Rhae Adams, First Mode, USA, evaluates the importance of decarbonising haulage operations in order for mining to reach net zero targets.

Measuring Process Parameters To Improve Performance
Henry Kurth, Scantech, Australia, presents the benefits of representative, real-time conveyed flow measurement in improving material quality and process performance.

Integrated Coal Mining Production
Jiyuan Chen, Hong Liu, and Dr. Li Li, Wolong Electric Group Co. Ltd, assess the benefits of an integrated motor and drive machine in coal mine production.

Automatic Sampling: Efficient, Easier, Essential
Nate Leonard, Sentry Equipment, USA, considers the benefits of automatic sampling in the mining industry.

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