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May 2020

The May/June issue of Global Mining Review features a regional report on South America, and a special report by CRU on the copper industry. It also features technical articles on drill & blast, automation & control, conveyors, pumps, piping and valves, IPCC & surface miners and more!

This month's front cover is brought to you by MMD.

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A Miner’s Playground
Steven Chopade and Shaheen Mulani, QY Research, India.

Sextuple Threat
Samuel Grant (UK) and Jaime Sepúlveda (Chile), CRU.

Blast Off
Russell Lamont, Miguel Valenzuela and Jim Kennedy, Dyno Nobel, the Americas.

Head In The Clouds
Caitlin McKinnon, Motion Metrics, Canada.

Extracting Potential
Marcelo Perrucci (Switzerland) and Ulf Richter (Germany), ABB.

Torque The Torque
Andreas Westphalen and Michael Nafe, Caterpillar, Germany.

Adaptability And Automation
Brendon Cullen, RCT, Australia.

Strong Gains In Ukraine
Alexey Ihl, Wirtgen, Germany.

Services In Smart Mining
George Barturen, Liebherr Mining Calmar, France.

Inner Peace
K. Schroeer and J. Edwards, ROSEN Group, Germany.

In The Load Zone
Franklin Moore, Flexco, USA.

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