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January 2023

Happy New Year! Make sure to check out Global Mining Review’s first issue of 2023. Don’t miss all the latest mining industry news and insights from AspenTech, Becker Mining Systems, Dyno Nobel, Railveyor, Robit, and more. Definitely not to be missed are our latest cover story from IWT, and Special Report from Deloitte. Grab a print copy of the issue in-person at SME’s MINEXCHANGE and PDAC 2023.

This month's front cover is brought to you by IWT.

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Guest Comment

World News

The Indispensable Role Of Mining And Metals
Ian Sanders, Global Mining & Metals Leader, Deloitte Global, outlines 10 trends that will shape the mining and metals industry in 2023 and beyond.

Testing, Timing, And Accuracy
Pat Lim and Kevin Hartley, Dyno Nobel Americas, USA, use a case study to illustrate the benefits of electronic delay timing as an initiation system in mining projects.

Improving Operations Bit By Bit
Jorge Leal, Robit, Finland, reviews the features and uses of a new drill bit and its role in improving the productivity and sustainability of mining operations.

Underground Mining’s Digital Transformation
Emily Esterson, E-Squared Editorial, and Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc., USA, discusses how digital technologies have become increasingly important in improving both the safety and productivity of underground mines.

Driving Sustainability With A Digital Roadmap
Martin Provencher and Ben Connolly, AVEVA, detail the importance of digital technologies in improving both the profitability and sustainability of mining operations.

Extinguishing Fire Risks
Holger Pfriem, Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection, Sweden, analyses the different fire risks surrounding the use of heavy equipment at mines, and discusses how mine operators can act to minimise downtime and optimise safety.

Ventilation On Demand
Joe Bacon and Shivan Singh, Becker Mining, Canada, examine the role of air ventilation systems in underground mines and why they are essential for mine safety.

The Right Ingredients For Tailings Management
Amanda Adams and Anna Norris, Stantec, USA, explore how the right mixture of EORs, technologies, and ESG practices can be crucial in developing successful tailings management.

No Belt, No Battery, No Problem
Matt Youngblood, Railveyor, Canada, explains how a fixed, autonomous, and electrically controlled haulage system is preferable to a typical conveyor system for transporting materials in mines.

A Bigger Price To Pay
Leslie David, Conveyor Belt Specialist, illustrates how seemingly identical specifications of conveyor belts can differ in price from one producer to another, and why there is invariably a much bigger price to pay in the longer term.

Navigating The Dual Challenge With Technology
Jeannette McGill, AspenTech, Australia, highlights the importance of digital technologies in combatting the operational hurdles facing the mining industry today.

Expositing Mining Exploration
Andor Lips, Seventy Ninth Group, UK, considers the nature and aims of mining exploration processes, and reviews some activities currently being undertaken in Guinea, Africa.

Powered By Technology
Ron Berryman, on behalf of Loadrite, Australia, evaluates the role of technology as an important ingredient in the success of the Vulcan mine, Queensland’s newest premium hard coking coal mine.

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