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August 2022

The July/August issue of Global Mining Review is out now! Check out this month’s special commodity report from the Eurasian Resources Group, as well as a regional report on the African mining industry by Emiral Resources. The rest of the issue is packed full of the latest technical content from the industry, featuring names such as: BEUMER, AspenTech, CICSA, Seaco Technologies, and Epiroc.

This month's front cover is brought to you by FAMUR.

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Guest Comment

World News

Global Challenges And The Hope For A Sustainable Future
Benedikt Sobotka, Eurasian Resources Group and the Global Battery Alliance, Luxembourg, considers how the commodities sector can adapt responsibly and sustainably to the challenges facing key mineral supply chains.

Unlocking Africa’s Mining Investment Potential
Boris Ivanov, Emiral Resources Ltd, UAE, assesses the current state of the African mining industry and outlines what the future may hold with the proper investment and commitment to development.

Going The Distance
Dr Kilian Neubert, BEUMER Group, Germany, discusses how curved belt conveyors can be used to efficiently transport material over long distances.

A Rugged Solution
Daniele Bonaiti, CICSA, Italy, analyses the benefits of adopting round steel link chain equipment for wheel bucket elevators.

The Intelligent Mine And How To Build It
Mike Brooks, AspenTech, USA, reviews the benefits of embracing digital optimisation and predictive/prescriptive maintenance in the context of improving mining operations.

Breaking New Ground In Greece
Daniel Bergeman, Brokk, Sweden, explores how electrically-powered mining equipment is helping companies become fossil-free and improve safety and efficiency.

Breaking Down Deployment Barriers
Karol Bartodziej, FAMUR SA, Poland, provides insight into the remote deployment of mining automation systems, with a focus on longwall operations.

An Autonomous And Remote Revolution
Greg Johnson, Schneider Electric, Australia, details the implementation of automation and remote working in the mining industry, and how it has accelerated since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Driving The Value Chain With Focused Layers
Christopher Blignaut, Epiroc, USA, addresses how to push the boundaries of interoperability whilst maintaining a focus level of control.

Meeting Minerals Exploration Drilling Needs
Dave Harper, Geodrill, Canada, provides a comprehensive look at the technical advances and specialised approach needed for minerals exploration drilling.

A Proven Investment
Ian C. Galyan, Seaco Technologies, Inc., USA, illustrates how foam dust control is an investment with proven and immediate returns.

Boosting Mine Power Stability
Power grids serving mines face growing stability and reliability challenges due to the trend for electrification and the transition to renewable energy. Christian Payerl, ABB, Sweden, explains how synchronous condensers can boost network stability.

Doing Decarbonisation Right
Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, Circulor, UK, examines how mining companies can monitor their environmental impact and increasingly move toward more sustainable production by using supply chain traceability.

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