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April 2023

Welcome to the April issue of Global Mining Review! This month’s issue contains a not-to-be-missed Regional Report on the mining industry in North and South America by Fitch Solutions, as well as a Guest Comment from Pieter Neethling of Seequent. In addition to this, we are pleased to present technical content from Weir Minerals, Robbins, Epiroc, Tesmec, and many more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MMD GPHC.

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Guest Comment

World News

Mining In The Americas
Amelia Haines, Fitch Solutions, UK, provides a detailed overview of the current state of the mining industry in North and South America.

A Breath Of Fresh Air
Stephen Gledhill, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, Australia, explores how flexible filtration solutions can deliver hospital-grade air in enclosed spaces, subsequently reducing risks to mining personnel.

A Technological Transformation
Luca Malpighi, Tesmec, Italy, highlights the upsides of continuous surface mining technology and how it has improved operations at a site in New Zealand.

A Productive Partnership In Idyllic Surroundings
Epiroc outlines how the iron ore mine at Noamundi, India, is taking productivity and sustainability to the next level.

The Solution Is Boring
Dennis Ofiara, Robbins, USA, details how non-circular tunnel boring can answer the need for the mechanical excavation of mine development tunnels.

An Electric Alternative
Gianfranco Conti and Lyndon Dean, Emerson, explain how electric actuators are quickly becoming a preferred alternative over pneumatic actuators for the mining industry, driven by advances in functionality and performance.

Fine-Tuning Frothy Waters
Quinton Sutherland, Weir Minerals, Canada, reviews how pumps can be utilised to solve the problems that occur in mineral froth tanks.

The Journey Of The Electric Submersible Dewatering Pump
Electric submersible pumps have a solid history in mining applications. Bart Duijvelaar, Atlas Copco Power and Flow, illustrates how the mining industry should rely on manufacturers that can provide the right solutions to meet mining challenges.

Improving Equipment Performance Through MPC
Kerryn Sakko and Grant McHenry, Rockwell Automation, Australia, discuss how machine-learning technology, and specifically model predictive control, can help mine and plant processes run closer to their constraints.

Go The Distance With Galvanisation
Burkhard Scherf, Thiele GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, considers how improved materials and galvanising on AFC-chains can promote better endurance and test results.

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