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September 2023

The Autumn issue of Dry Bulk begins with a story from cover sponsors Superior Industries about how the productivity of materials handling systems can be safeguarded using advanced conveyor-monitoring technology. The issue then moves on to cover Domes, Silos, Hoppers & Bunkers with contributions from Marietta Silos, Standard Industrie and Symaga. This is followed by a feature covering Conveyors & Bucket Elevators, with the final feature of the issue being a Q&A all about Shiploading & Unloading including contributions from Bedeschi, VIGAN Engineering and Van Aalst Bulk Handling.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Superior Industries.

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Guest Comment


The Superpowers Of Intelligent Idlers
Daniel Biazussi, Superior Industries, shares how next-level conveyor monitoring preserves and protects the productivity of material handling systems in real time.

Delivering Dependable Declogging
Guillaume Dairin, Standard Industrie, discusses the strengths of its new iteration of material declogging equipment for silos and hoppers, offering plants a greener, safer, and more cost-effective cleaning procedure.

Laying The Foundations For Future Productivity
Dennis Blauser, Marietta Silos, explains why a regular silo cleaning and maintenance program is essential when trying to avoid unexpected downtime and achieve an efficient production cycle.

Manufacturing Silos With Reliability And Safety In Mind
Alfonso Garrido, Symaga, describes the importance of workplace safety in terms of worker health, legal compliance, and its impact on a manufacturer’s bottom line.

Overcoming Extreme Environments
Lukas Paul, BEUMER, offers advice on maximising the availability of belt conveyors in harsh weather environments by using data analytics to minimise unscheduled downtime.

Tailor-Made Drive Solutions For Bulk Handling
Jšrg Niermann, NORD Drivesystems, discusses the bespoke drive systems required for different bulk material handling solutions, highlighting the specific design features that should be considered for these systems.

Conveying The Fire
Leslie David, Dunlop, cuts through the technical jargon to provide a helpful guide to selecting the safest fire-resistant belt for conveying dry bulk.

Grappling With The Skirting Gap
Sean Kinder, Kinder, tackles the topic of conveyor transfer points, giving his advice on the key considerations for operators during conveyor system design in order to avoid unecessary wear on equipment and unwanted dust emissions.

Shiploading & Unloading Q&A
Dry Bulk Magazine asks several companies to discuss the current trends and issues facing shiploading and unloading in the dry bulk industry.

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