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Coal Prep 2015 announces technical workshops

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Coal Prep International 2015 has announced the line-up for this year’s workshop.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Coal Preparation

Led by industry veteran, Barbara Arnold, President of PrepTech Inc., Workshop 1 is half day Introduction to Coal Preparation, intended for equipment manufacturers, utility personnel, coal purchasers, new plant hires, chemical vendors, construction personnel or other support staff, who would like to develop a better understanding of the basic principles of coal preparation. It will cover a broad range of topics, including a review of coal properties important to coal utilisation, coal sizing, cleaning and dewatering operations

Equipment sections will provide down-to-earth descriptions of common types of coal preparation processes and the factors that influence their performance. A fundamentals section will also be provided to show attendees how to interpret characterization data obtained from particle sizing and washability analyses. Ancillary topics such as coal sampling and analysis, coal handling, and wear materials will also be included.

Workshop 2: PM2.5 and Coal

Workshop 2 will focus on dust control in the coal industry – from the mine to the power plant – with speakers Trey Cranfill and Shaun Lendrum of Nalco.

Mining, handling, shipping and consumption of coal generates dust in a wide variety of ways, from airborne soil particulate from roads above and below ground, airborne rock dust underground, fugitive coal dust generated by both continuous and longwall miners, raw coal crushers and thermal dryers, as well as in-transit wind losses from car tops and weather-related erosion from both raw and clean coal piles.

Controlling these disparate types and sources of dust requires an equally wide array of methods and treatments in order to achieve the best outcomes. The workshop will discuss the health hazards, sources and types of dust generated during the coal lifecycle and explore various methodologies used to achieve optimum levels of dust control.

Workshop 3: Effects of Coal Quality on Boiler Performance

Workshop 3 turns to the end of the coal lifecycle: combustion. Rod Hatt, Chief Technical Officer at Coal Combustion Inc., will cover basic coal quality concepts and how they relate to power plant operations, specifically:

  • Moisture and handling.
  • Moisture, HGI, and mill operation.
  • Pyrite, OSD and their impacts on milling operations and maintenance.
  • How to read ash chemistries, interpret mineralogy and understand ash fusion temperatures.
  • Low NOx flames and how they promote slags.
  • How to minimise slag formation though improved coal quality and power plant operations.

Workshop 4: Coal Quality Requirements for Metallurgical Cokes

The final workshop will be led by Gareth Mitchell, the EMS Energy Institute/Pennsylvania State University and is intended for those who wish to gain a better understanding of the needs of metallurgical coal customers by providing some of the basic principles involved in making coke for the modern blast furnace.

It will cover a broad range of subjects including the unique characteristics of metallurgical coals in terms of their rank, type, grade and rheological properties; the impact that different coals have on different cokemaking processes; how coal properties influence coke quality; and ultimately how coke quality influences blast furnace operations. Examples of how coal preparation and mine practices can influence coal quality will also be presented.

Coal Prep International is taking place at the Lexington Center in Lexington, Kentucky, from 27 – 29 April. The full conference programme can be viewed here.

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