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Optimal splice performance

World Coal,

Flexco has announced an update to the design of the company’s washers on no. 1, 140 and 190 bolt solid plate fastening systems. The company said the update would improve fastener-belt interaction and maximise splice performance.

The washer sizes on the 1, 140 and 190 bolt solid plate fasteners have been reduced to fit into the cup during installation. This results in improved splice performance, especially on thin, worn belts.

The fastening system is designed for sift-free splice with good holding ability for use in tough material handling applications. The system is designed so that it can be installed easily and without the need for numerous tools.

The system can be used in tough and abrasive applications, such as coal handling.

The system is strengthened by the plate compression on both the top and bottom sides of the belt. High tensile strength bolts compress top and bottom plates and thus distribute splice tension across the entire width of the fastener plate. Specially-formed teeth penetrate into the belt carcass for added strength without damaging carcass fibers.

The system can also be used to repair conveyor belt holes and edge tears, or be combined with three-bolt rip-repair fasteners to fix jagged, length-wise belt tears. 

Adapted from press release by Sam Dodson

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