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Sotacarbo and Ormosszen make coal greener

World Coal,

The Italian company Sotacarbo has signed an agreement with Hungarian company Ormosszen to develop new alternative systems to exploit low rank coal in an environmentally friendly way.

The cooperation agreement was signed in Miskolc, during a meeting between the two delegations. The main purpose of the agreement is to develop alternative systems capable of reaching the best energy use of low rank coal resources in Hungary and Italy.

"With this agreement we are laying the foundations for the production of methanol in Hungary through coal gasification,” explained the project director, Gábor Temesvári.

"A goal that can be achieved through the combination of the experience gained in this field from Sotacarbo and the extensive knowledge of Hungarian researchers,” he added.

"We are very confident about this project outcome, especially after having collected excellent results during the preliminary and experimental assessment phase,” commented Alberto Pettinau, project manager for Sotacarbo.

The low rank coals, although characterised by a low calorific value, are primarily used in domestic heating. However, according to Ormosszen and Sotacarbo, they could also represent an opportunity to start an industrial production of electrical energy, methanol and other liquid fuels while keeping within environmental regulations.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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