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VIDEO: Will It Break?

World Coal,

Smiley Monroe’s King Rollers have been proven to reduce workplace noise on enclosed high-speed conveyors, with the potential to install the rollers at coal mines and other energy-intensive operations.

The energy-saving polymer conveyor idlers have now been put through their paces in a ‘toughness’ video, in which the idlers come face to face with a man wielding a hefty sledgehammer.

In a gladiatorial battle of man vs roller, the King Rollers were tested for strength against a steel idler – which are usually used in conveyor systems found in coal mines and operations across the world.

The polymer idler is up to 50% lighter than a steel idler, making them easy and safe to handle. The light weight might at first seem to put it at a disadvantage in a strength test, however, you can check out how the two types of idlers fared in the short ‘Will It Break Video’ below:



Smiley Monroe say that their King Rollers can reduce conveyor power consumption by an average of 14%, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and operating costs per tonne.

Man vs Roller: the results

In the man vs roller challenge, the polymer idler received only minor bruising to its shell, whereas the steel idler was clearly damaged, with its shell badly dented. 

Written by Sam Dodson

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