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Mine Site Technologies

Mine Site Technologies (MST) provides communications networks and operational optimisation solutions which assist organisations in the mining, resources and industrial sectors to optimally manage their core business operations.

Founded in Australia in 1989, the company specialises in the design, deployment and support of critical technologies for communications, automation-enablement, production optimisation, vehicle and personnel tracking, and safety in hazardous underground and surface environments. A pioneering force within the mining industry, the company has over 500 deployments at mine sites worldwide. MST deployed the first commercially available PED (Personal Emergency Device) using TTE (Through the Earth) technology. Since that time, MST has developed and expanded its suite of communications technologies which range from VDV Leaky Feeder Radio Systems to the newest Wi-Fi (IP) based ImPact “One Network” Digital System.

Applying its own technologies as well as integrating best-of-breed third party products, MST supplies purpose-built solutions to meet customers’ needs both during construction and throughout the life of their projects. MST’s integrated communications technology infrastructure and automation-enablement platform allows insight into operational metrics which can be used to drive higher asset and resource utilisation, improved processes and enhanced safety. Customers around the world trust MST solutions to help optimise output, minimise cost and reduce risk, resulting in a compelling ROI on their technology investments.