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Lubrication Engineers International Ltd


Lubrication Engineers International is proud to have represented the LE brand outside the USA, Canada and Mexico since 1972.

LE International has an outstanding worldwide network of more than 50 companies representing 70+ countries spread throughout EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

This highly experienced group of individual companies markets and sells LE products within their own territories with the constant support of LE International and LE Inc.

This successful network is constantly expanding, with new companies continually accepting the profitable LE opportunity.

LE International Ltd. is always keen to hear from companies interested in representing the LE brand in their own country. Previous experience in the lubricant industry is valued, but is not necessary in order to successfully distribute LE products. If this opportunity is of interest, please contact us on

Since it began in 1951, Lubrication Engineers, Inc. has fulfilled the requirement for heavy-duty, high-performance, high-quality lubricants that exceed the capabilities of ordinary, commercial, synthetic and specialty grade lubricants.

Feedback and industry case studies, including customer testimonials from around the world, show that LE lubricants consistently deliver better performance than other premium grade lubricants.By extending lubrication intervals and equipment life, as well as significantly reducing wear, energy requirements, downtime and maintenance costs, the initial cost of LE lubricants is recovered many times over.

LE International Ltd
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