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Altra Industrial Motion

Altra is a leading multinational designer, producer and marketer of a range of mechanical power transmission products. Selling products in over 70 countries throughout the world. The products are frequently used in critical applications, such as brakes for elevators, wheelchairs and forklifts.

Altra also provides products for use in a wide variety of high-volume manufacturing processes, where the reliability and accuracy of the products are critical in both avoiding costly down time and enhancing the overall efficiency of manufacturing operations.

The products are marketed under a variety of well recognised and established manufacturing brand names. These leading brands are Ameridrives Couplings, Ameridrives Power Transmission, Bauer Gear Motor, Bibby Turboflex, Boston Gear, Delroyd Worm Gear, Formsprag Clutch, Huco Dynatork, Industrial Clutch, Inertia Dynamics, Kilian Manufacturing, Lamiflex Couplings, Marland Clutch, Matrix International, Nuttall Gear, Stieber Clutch, Svendborg Brakes, TB Wood's Incorporated, Twiflex Ltd, Warner Electric, Warner Linear and Wichita Clutch.