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Red Meters

Specializing in data monitoring and analytics, the Red Meters vision is to take the accuracy of density readings further than ever before with our non-nuclear density meters.

Our density meters are invaluable during various mining stages, including:

  • Precisely measuring the percent solids after comminuting the ore.
  • Accurately measuring the slurry during chemical mineral processing, allowing more minerals to be extracted from tailings that would otherwise be lost.
  • Making a clear history of the frothing separation step. Changes to the process cannot be made until problems are identified.
  • Ensuring a controlled sludge activation during sludge thickening.
  • Understanding the composition of water being treated in mining facilities that treat their own water.

Each Red Meter uses a complex algorithm which compensates for temperature, noise, and other interferences to create the ultimate solution in density measurement. Stop guessing with your slurries and ask, is your meter red?