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Mongolian mining company set to benefit from Parker Ash Probe with latest software

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Parker Bretby Gammatech, part of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has secured a major new contract with Mongolyn Alt Corp. (MAK) to supply and commission an Ash Probe – Portable Ash Instrument Analyser, which includes innovative AshGraffix software.

MAK will use the Ash Probe to determine the ash content of coal at its open cast mine in the Naryn Sukhait mine in the territory of Omnogovi aimag in Mongolia, where the coal seam is 40 m thick. Prior to selecting Parker Bretby Gammatech’s Ash Probe, the mine used its own coal testing laboratory on site, to which samples of coal had to be taken to be processed and tested. This method could take up to 24 hours to obtain an ash reading from the sample. The major benefit with the Ash Probe system is that an ash reading can be available within two minutes of inserting the probe into a pile of coal. The Ash Probe therefore allows the customer to produce an ash profile over the area of the mine in a short period of time.

The Ash Probe and AshGraffix system are designed to operate in harsh environments and can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C and up to + 40°C. The Ash Probe features a stainless steel housing which seals within it a scintillation crystal, to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture. It provides data on the ash content that is accurate to 1%.

Magsar Bazarragchaa, Senior Project Engineer at MAK, said:

“The Ash Probe gives us a much quicker method of analysing the ash content of coal that will bring many efficiencies and cost savings to our operations. We find the data from AshGraffix very useful in analysing and tracking batches quickly prior to despatch.”

Gary Wain, Product Manager at Parker Bretby Gammatech, said:

“The Ash Probe is renowned across the globe for enabling mining businesses to make cost savings and ensure the quality of their products. We were delighted to supply MAK with its first Ash Probe and AshGraffix software, which will bring many time and efficiency benefits to their business.Our AshGraffix software has taken the technology to a new level, enabling greater data analysis than ever before and helping buyers and producers ensure the quality of their coal.”

For coal mines, the Ash Probe enables the customer to blend more accurately, leading to a premium product. Use of Parker Bretby Gammatech’s Ash Probe also means that coal trucks can be despatched more quickly, which reduces standing time. It can also lower the amount of discarded waste and hence disposal costs. From a buyer’s point of view, use of an Ash Probe allows them to test coal deliveries on site and reject inferior product or negotiate lower prices.

The new AshGraffix software provides a high resolution colour touch-screen display with a multi-language user interface. Data can quickly and simply be transferred to USB memory stick for offline analysis of reports in Microsoft Excel or generic spreadsheet format. The software is capable of storing data from up to 99 coal piles or 600 trucks. The AshGraffix display unit features a robust aluminium housing with stainless steel fascia and a seven inch colour touch screen, with a ‘Tuffscreen’ high impact protector for added durability.

Parker Bretby Gammatech’s Ash Probe technology has been widely used by coal mining companies across the world for over 20 years. It has a proven track record of providing highly accurate data, deliverable within minutes to enhance the efficiencies of mines and coal production facilities.

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