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EPA rules slammed by US Representative

World Coal,

The EPA proposal to cut carbon pollution from new power plants in a bid to combat climate change and improve public health has been criticised by US Representative Marsha Blackburn, as the ‘war on coal’ continues. The new rules announced last week would hamper businesses and drive up the price of electricity, Blackburn said. In August this year, Blackburn issued the following statement in support of legislation to rein in regulatory overreach at the EPA:

“The amount of regulation created under this administration is truly staggering and the EPA is continually one of the worst offenders,” Blackburn said. “Over-regulation has a chilling effect on the economy and job growth. These regulations place an unfair burden on new and existing power plants in this country and raise the price we pay at the pump. With many people already struggling to afford to pay their electric bill or put gas in their car, these regulations are hitting American families in the pocketbook at the worst possible time. This legislation makes commonsense reforms to rein in the EPA and protect hard-working taxpayers from the type of regulatory overreach that drives up energy costs and kills jobs.”

The new EPA emission limits on the amount of carbon dioxide that new coal- and gas-fired plants could emit are the latest proposals from an Obama administration that wants tougher standards for existing plants finalised by 2015.

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