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Siemens to supply coal mine with shaft hoisting machines

World Coal,

The Chinese Yitai Group has awarded Siemens Drives Technologies an order to install two shaft hoisting machines in a new coal mine.

The drives for the new Hong Qing He project in Inner Mongolia will be the largest hoists in the world to feature an integrated motor in the drum. The compact design will help Yitai to reduce its investment costs when building the new colliery. The carbon footprint of integrated drives is smaller than that of conventionally designed plants.

The project marks the first joint venture between Siemens and the Yitai Group. Siemens will supply two production hoists with integrated 9 MW motors, the largest mine winder motors ever supplied by Siemens.

In order to transport personnel and equipment underground for this high capacity, Siemens will additionally equip the mine with two service hoists, each powered by a conventional 3.8 MW motor and a 355 kW motor, as well as by a SM150 and a S120 Sinamics converter.

Siemens is also responsible for the entire automation control and monitoring systems, the medium-voltage and low-voltage control panels, the shaft signalling equipment, the loading and unloading facilities and spare parts as well as for commissioning and training.

The start of operations is scheduled for early 2015.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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