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Paringa Resources commences drilling at thermal coal project

World Coal,

Paringa Resources has begun a new drilling programme targeting thermal coal at the Buck Creek coal project, located in the Illinois Coal Basin in Kentucky, US.

The drilling programme is comprised of nine core holes with geophysical logs and geotechnical analysis. The new drilling will help expand the existing drilling database for Buck Creek, from which 163 drill holes will be used to define the West Kentucky No. 9 coal seam, including 127 coal core holes, 10 coal rotary holes and 26 oil and gas wells. The No. 9 coal seam is the third largest producer of thermal coal in the US.

Results from the current drilling programme will provide the following information:

  • Allow for a full suite of coal quality and washability testing to be performed, providing critical input into the potential yields and product quality;
  • Update geotechnical analyses of the project area;
  • Enable Paringa Resources to develop more comprehensive product specifications for its coal marketing activities.

Paringa CEO, David Gay said: “The Buck Creek drilling programme will provide additional data that will assist us in updating the coal quality, washability, and geotechnical databases of the Buck Creek Project. The Buck Creek Project is one of the few remaining high quality thermal coal projects within the W[est] K[entucky] No. 9 coal seam that is not controlled by one of the major US coal companies. The ability of our US team to begin drilling so quickly reinforces the advantages of operating in the well-resourced, high growth Illinois Coal Basin”.

The Buck Creek project is located adjacent to the Green River which provides year round linkage to the Ohio and Mississippi rivers systems which feed domestic coal-fired power plants and coastal export coal terminals in the Gulf of Mexico.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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