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Market for mercury abatement technology grows

World Coal,

Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc. (AES) has recently received awards and letters of intent to award for more than US$ 7 million in activated carbon injection (ACI) and dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems from multiple utilities for its subsidiary, ADA-ES. The company has now booked more than US$ 30 million in new contracts since the end of June, including a fleet-wide order for DSI and ACI systems from a large utility.

Mercury and Air Toxics Standard helps boost business

The upsurge in new business comes as a result of the recent US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxics Standard. According to AES, this could generation a total market for equipment in excess of US$ 1 billion (MATS) for ACI and DSI systems.

Ready for growth in market demand

Dr Michael Durham, president and CEO of AES, stated: "We are proud to be selected by our customers to provide them with solutions to meet the new federal MATS rules. The market for equipment is well underway and evolving as we expected. We have taken a number of steps to be ready for this market, including growing our engineering capabilities, and have put in place arrangements with various suppliers and component manufacturers to meet the growing market demand."

Adapted from press release by Jonathan Rowland

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