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Doosan Power Systems announces strong results from its OxyCoal™ test facility

World Coal,

Doosan Power Systems has announced a year of successful testing at the world’s largest OxyCoal™ Clean Combustion Test Facility at Renfrew, UK. The facility has completed nearly 100 individual tests, demonstrating the company’s OxyCoal Clean Combustion system on a full-size 40 MWth burner.

The system’s flame stability and turndown was shown to be as good as that for conventional air firing, and its combustion process also resulted in lower emissions, with NOx formation halved compared to air firing and SOx also reduced.

OxyCoal firing separates air into two primary components: oxygen and nitrogen. It then fires the coal in the oxygen. The resulting flue gas, comprising mainly CO2 and water vapour, can be directly compressed to remove the water vapour and capture the CO2, leaving only a small quantity of inert gases to be vented into the atmosphere. The process can capture more than 90% of the CO2 produced from burning coal.

Leader in carbon capture technology

The Post Combustion Carbon Capture (PCCC) plant test facility, opened in June 2010, complements the OxyCoal Clean Combustion system. The PCCC facility simulates the entire process of modern coal-fired generation. It burns coal and biomass, and includes the full range of clean-up systems that would be installed on such a plant.

Jean-Michel Aubertin, CEO of Doosan Power Systems, said “Doosan Power Systems’ research at the OxyCoal test facility has helped consolidate the company’s status as a global leader and innovator in carbon capture technology. The success of the first year’s testing is a tribute to the hard work of our project team, and, with our product portfolio now including both OxyCoal and Post Combustion Capture technologies, Doosan Power Systems will be ready to deliver very low emission power technology to our customers the world over as soon as the market for these products becomes available.”

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