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Peabody Energy clean coal solutions

World Coal,

Peabody Energy has been recognized for global leadership in the creation of sustainable energy solutions at the 5th World PetroCoal Congress in New Delhi. The company was honoured with an Energy and Environmental Foundation Global Excellence Award for advancing clean coal technology solutions.

Peabody Chairman and Chief Executive Gregory H. Boyce has been the industry’s prime advocate working to alleviate energy poverty with greater use of 21st century coal. He has long held that greater deployment of clean coal technologies, which include high efficiency power plants and the collection of proven emissions controls, is essential for a rapid transition to low carbon, high energy efficiency energy systems around the world.

“Advancing social and economic progress with clean energy is the role of leaders globally”, Boyce said. “India is a prime example of a nation asserting its right to grow and creating energy access for all of its citizens. Clean energy from coal is a major part of the solution and will be essential to achieving that goal”.

Boyce indicated that the best way to further human development with clean energy and achieve environmental goals is by accelerating deployment of today’s technologies that have a track record of results. Longer term, Boyce said investments in next generation technology to capture carbon dioxide are needed to bring solutions to commercial scale.

Under Boyce’s leadership, Peabody has:

  • Advanced a multi-step plan to alleviate global energy poverty with clean energy solutions as a major priority for policy and action.
  • Led development of one of the largest new clean US coal-fueled plants built in the past three decades with US$1 billion in emission control technologies.
  • Served as the only non-Chinese partner in the signature GreenGen power plant and carbon research centre in Tianjin, China, which could be the world’s largest near zero emissions plant at full scale.
  • Served as a founding member of the FutureGen Alliance in the US to advance carbon capture and storage technology and contributed US$20 million to Australia’s Coal21 Fund for next generation coal technologies.
  • Sponsored the Consortium for Clean Coal Utilisation at Washington University in St. Louis, the National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama, and was a founding member of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute in Australia.
  • Delivered low carbon solutions across Peabody’s global platform with a 10% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity across the global platform this past year.
  • Worked to increase public awareness and support of 21st century coal and the essential role it plays in advancing economic progress and a better quality of life through a globally recognized advocacy initiative.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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