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11 km thermal coal target defined in Chile

World Coal,

An 11 km long drill target has been defined at Equus Mining’s thermal coal project in Chile.

The Mina Rica project is one of three strategic thermal coal projects recently acquired by Equus.

Chile is short of domestically sourced thermal coal, so there is a ready market for new coal production. Coal from the Mina Rica project will be transported using critical infrastructure nearby to the mine.

The project covers 85 km2 of the Loreto coal formation on the north side of the Brunswick Peninsula.

Oil well drilling has intersected coal horizons over broad zones, and wireline logs confirm the occurrence of coal seams. 

These zones are simply projected to surface and indicate the existence of shallow dipping coal deposits suitable for bulk open cut extraction.

Several seismic sections pass through the Mina Rica project and reveal sedimentary layering orientations. 

Correlation of these seismic sections together with the incorporation of log data from oil and gas wells indicates the possible orientation and extensions of coal bearing strata throughout the entire Mina Rica project area.

There are 13 recognised coal seams at the adjacent Pecket mine of which Seams 5 and 6 were mined commercially as one combined unit of 10 m thick. 

The coal is ranked as low sulfur, sub-bituminous best suited for blending with higher sulphur imported thermal coals.

Edited from various sources by Sam Dodson

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