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China introduces mine safety rule

World Coal,

China has introduced new regulations that require mining managers to accompany workers underground. It is hoped that this will act as an incentive to improve safety conditions in the country’s infamous mining industry.

The announcement follows a series of high-profile mining accidents that have caused public outrage. More than 2500 miners were killed in China last year.

It is reported that, under the new regulations, mines will pay between 150,000 and 5 million yuan in fines if found in violations of the rules, depending on whether the mine suffers serious accidents. Managers could be fined between 10,000 yuan and up to 80% of their income from the previous year, as well as face a lifetime ban on mine supervision work.

However, it has been suggested that mine managers have attempted manipulate the regulation. In one instance, seven workers were reportedly promoted to “assistant managers”, so that they could take their managers’ place in the pits.

Speaking to China National Radio, the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) spokesman, Huang Yi, said: “We will strictly deal with any instance of this kind of activity.”

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