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Sable Mining Africa acquires interest in 1 billion t potential project

World Coal,

Sable Mining Africa Ltd has acquired, through its wholly controlled subsidiary Somedon Investments (Pvt) Ltd, a 49% interest in Liberation Mining (Pvt) Ltd, holder of the 16,545 ha. Special Grant 4977 which covers the Lubimbi coal project in the Gwaai area of the Kariba coal basin in Zimbabwe. Historical work has indicated an in-situ coal tonnage in excess of 1 billion t, which the company aims to prove-up with the immediate implementation of an exploration and development programme.

The project, which is 35 km from the Dete railway siding, is technically supported by two phases of drilling (‘the historical data’) carried out in the 1980s by the Industrial Development Corp., and then a recent drilling campaign by Liberation Mining. In the recent drilling programme, 45 holes totalling 4500 m were drilled in the northeastern corner of the project area. This has highlighted a typical main seam sequence as expected in this part of the Kariba coal basin. This coal zone is between 20 – 45 m in thickness, outcropping on the northwestern border of the project and dipping gently to the east at about 2°. These results indicate the viability of tonnage in excess of 1 billion t of in-situ coal, and the analytical work done suggests that a high grade thermal coal and a soft or blend coking coal fraction could be produced.

Sable Mining is commencing a 10,000 m Phase 1 drilling programme designed to confirm these tonnages and simultaneously to investigate the potential mix of metallurgical and thermal coal products. This will cover the area at an initial drill spacing of 1 km, following which this grid will be closed down to 500 m in the areas where the best results are obtained. Two core rigs will be employed with the programme estimated to take 10 – 12 months to complete. A base camp is being established on site to house the exploration geologists and contain the logistical support for the programme including fuel storage, core storage and communications links.

Andrew Groves, CEO of Sable Mining, said, “This is a highly prospective concession in a recognised coal district. Results already suggest a tonnage of in excess of 1 billion t of in-situ coal, and that a high grade thermal coal and a soft or blend coking coal could be produced. The seam thickness, continuity and depth all underpin the upside potential of the project, and we aim to verify these parameters through the aggressive drilling campaign which is due to commence immediately.”

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