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New environmental strategy of the Solntsevsky coal mine

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The Eastern Mining Company has taken the course to work in accordance with the high requirements of international environmental standards. The enterprise conducted a risk assessment, made an analysis, and developed a large-scale program of activities for several years. It covers all areas of production and business responsibility in relation to the environment and safety. Oleg Cherskikh, director of the Solntsevsky coal mine, spoke about pilot projects, technological solutions, and goals.

RMS plays a key role in the new environmental strategy. According to Oleg Cherskikh, the program of events is planned not only to solve current problems, but also to prevent risks. Significant resources have been allocated for its implementation, which can be increased if the need arises.

“The goals that we have set for ourselves include a large list of tasks and resources. We are increasing the staff of environmentalists and engineers with a high level of qualification and work experience. Together we carried out a detailed analysis and formed a program and policy of the enterprise. We act on the principle of planning, action, and verification of the result. According to the program, we have already begun work: we are changing the attitude of employees, changing the approach, changing ourselves,” – Cherskikh noted.

The management of the Solntsevsky coal mine was trained in international environmental standards ISO 14001. It allowed them to correct their understanding and build activities in accordance with the requirements. Each division focuses on environmental aspects and reduces or completely eliminates the impact on the environment.

Oleg Cherskikh said that, along with the current one, the RMS has launched active preparatory work. A number of projects are at the stages of formation, approvals, and obtaining the results of examinations and studies. The data obtained will allow a detailed and systematic approach to solving problems.

If we talk about the immediate prospects, then by the end of summer the third stage of treatment facilities at the technopark should be launched. They will increase the productivity of cleaning the surface waters of the cut up to 375 m3/hr or up to 9000 m3/d. Then they will start building the fourth stage for another 125 m3. Another local cleaning system will be erected directly on the section.

“These measures were recommended by specialised organisations and agreed with the regulatory authorities. Their implementation takes place in such a way as not to harm nature and the environment. I also want to note that we are starting to survey the rivers of the Uglegorsk region for the possibility of stocking with fish. In order to preserve and increase their aquatic biological diversity, we plan to annually release juvenile salmon,” Oleg Ivanovich shared his plans.

In addition, the optimisation of production and the introduction of fuel efficiency indicators, it was possible not only to save on fuel, but also to significantly reduce the amount of exhaust gases. In dry weather, the technological roads of the section are hydro-dedusted.

“We plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions also through the separate collection and recycling of waste. A plant for the processing of fuel oil has already been launched, and we plan to start processing waste fuels and lubricants. In the near future, separate collection of waste paper and other types of MSW. We hope that we will be able to transfer and disseminate the accumulated experience in the region,” said Oleg Cherskikh.

SUR is also developing a project for the installation of two sinks for equipment. One designed to work at the cut is a closed cycle (after cleaning, the water is reused). The other one is connected to the sewage treatment plant in the technopark. It will serve for washing heavy trucks before leaving for public roads. After that, waste water will pass through several degrees of filtration from all kinds of impurities.

In addition, the company's specialists have developed a program for reforestation and land reclamation. The plans state the proposition to plant trees and shrubs on 30 ha. of territory.

“We form a responsible attitude towards nature and at the enterprise itself. This includes participation in subbotniks and planting trees, and informing the collectives. This year we will start working with children. We will conduct family eco-quests in a playful and educational way. The purpose of all this is one, to make the place where we all live and work cleaner, more beautiful, and safer,” Cherskikh concluded.

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