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Arch Coal’s outlook on the final Clean Power Plan rule

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Arch Coal has outlined how the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final Clean Power Plan is not efficiently addressing climate concerns and many states will potentially challenge the rule in court.

Deck Slone, Arch Coal’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Public Policy stated: "The Administration seems increasingly desperate to salvage an ill-advised and poorly designed rule, which won't work, won't pass muster with states and won't stand up to legal scrutiny."

Slone continued: “… seven governors had stated that they did not plan to comply. That number seems certain to grow as other governors realise that, rather than fix the rule, EPA has in many ways made matters worse."

Over 20 states are also reported to be preparing to challenge the rule in court.

Arch Coal believes the Administration should focus on investing in low-carbon fossil fuel technologies, which are a small part of the government spending on energy. The company believes this would be better to tackle climate concerns rather than premature and costly regulations.

Slone explained: “China, India and the rest of emerging Asia are building their economies on fossil fuels generally and coal specifically, which they view as their most affordable, reliable and secure energy option," … To truly address the threat of climate change, these countries will need low-cost, low-carbon mitigation tools for fossil fuels. The Administration's rule will do nothing to deliver such tools and could in fact slow their development here in the West, even as it hurts American ratepayers, American businesses and American competitiveness."

Edited from press release by Harleigh Hobbs

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