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Chemicals and coal bed methane – market insights

World Coal,

A new, 226 page report, “Chemicals for Unconventional Oil & Gas Development Market Forecast 2014-2024: Fracturing Fluid Additives for Shale Gas, Shale (Tight) Oil, Tight Gas & CBM” explains the vital role played by chemicals in developing unconventional resources projects, and provides insights into market trends over the next decade.

Chemicals used in the development of unconventional oil and gas resources, including coal bed methane (CBM) are an essential part of any unconventional project. The report notes that the chemicals are used to ensure adequate preparation, fracturing, completion and integrity of unconventional wells.

During the drilling and completion process of any unconventional well, chemicals are pumped in at various times and stages. These chemicals have a variety of purposes, which range from initiating cracks, to distributing proppant and protecting tubulars and equipment used.

Shale gas, shale oil, tight gas and coalbed methane all undergo hydraulic fracturing that requires chemicals for preparation, stimulation and clean-up. The demand from these unconventional developments drives the market.

Indeed, the report notes that the market for these chemicals is demand-side driven, with the continued development and investment in unconventional resources a primary factor in ensuring the market continues to grow.

This market report breaks down expenditure on chemicals for unconventional oil and gas development by region, nation and by the main types/groupings of chemical.

The global market for chemicals used by in unconventional oil and gas development is estimated to be worth US$ 2,393.5 million as of 2014. Going forward, the market is set to experience further boosts from the international development of shale, CBM and other unconventionals. The report notes that the most prospective market opportunities for growth are found in Argentina, China and Russia.

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