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Siemens launches SFG-850 entrained-flow gasifier

World Coal,

Siemens Energy has added a new high-performance model, the SFG-850, to its range of entrained-flow gasifiers. The gasifier is designed to enhance the profitability of future coal gasification plants by reducing specific plant costs, along with the associated production costs of synthesis gas. An SFG-850 gasifier can convert around 3000 tpd of coal into more than 5 million m3 of high-quality synthesis gas.

At 22 m long, with an outer dia. Of 4.8 m and weighing 380 t, the SFG-850 gasifier is among the world’s largest and most economic entrained flow gasifiers. The new model can be completely fabricated and tested at the factory. Despite its size and weight, the unit can be transported to its installation location in one piece eliminating the time and expense of field fabrication.

The SFG-850 gasifier is based on the same technical design as Siemens’ current gasifier models, the SFG-200 and SFG-500, which operate at plants around the world. The proven central burner design and dry feed system have now been optimised further in the SFG-850. As with its predecessor models, the new model possesses a high degree of fuel flexibility. All of the proven advantages of Siemens gasifier technology, including its short startup and shutdown times, as well as the tried-and-tested serviceability of its water-cooled design, contribute to its ability to maintain the high levels of availability of today’s Siemens fleet.

The synthesis gas produced using the SFG-850 can be used in large-scale chemicals projects, such as for producing CTL, SNG, methanol or polypropylene, or for the production of clean transportation fuels. In addition, Siemens can offer an optimised configuration of gasifiers and latest-generation Siemens gas turbines with the new SFG-850 gasifier. This will makes power generation in IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) plants economically appealing. 

Adapted from press release by Sam Dodson

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