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Scotland could capitalise on CBM resources

World Coal,

When discussing a recent report released by Ricardo-AEA, the author, Dr Mark Broomfield, suggested that Scotland could capitalise on its coalbed methane (CBM) reserves, if it were to enter into the global CBM market.

In their study, Ricardo-AEA looked at the key factors that might drive market opportunities in Scotland, looking at seven different countries as potential destinations for Scottish industry like the US.

“We also looked at Poland and concluded that it's not a particularly favourable opportunity for Scottish businesses, to do with the state control over the provision of shale gas services – that made it less favourable for foreign companies coming in,” Broomfield told delegates at the Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2014 conference.

While the UK might not have highest reserves of unconventional gas, he said the market was attractive for many aspects such as tax incentives, among others. “Accelerating growth is widely forecast and perhaps triggered by the 14th Onshore Licensing Round,” he said.

Bloomfield said they had also mapped out the supply chain and isolated where Scottish business had expertise and an established industry, like in seismic surveying.

Scottish businesses, he offered, were becoming active in the sector and that there was accelerating growth forecast for unconventional hydrocarbons markets to 2030.

Bloomfield concluded he thought peak production could be important in terms of its contribution to the UK gas supply, and there would be a range of opportunities for Scottish businesses that had transferable expertise.

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