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Breaking new ground in mine blasting

ON DEMAND - Watch this exciting webinar to learn more about:

  • How to prevent blast delays and user errors.
  • How to improve productivity and reduce blasting costs.
  • The flexibility in working with customers on setting up a blast and what information is utilised.
  • How to better profile the requirements of each blasthole to ensure the correct amount of energy can be loaded.

Dyno Nobel’s DigiShot Plus 4G is an electronic initiation system for any size blast, which allows users to speed up blast layouts, prevent blast delays, reduce user errors and improve blast outcomes. With blast cards to arm and blast, remote firing, encrypted blast commands, improved wall stability and improved vibration, DigiShot Plus 4G is the industry’s most advanced safety system.

DIFFERENTIAL ENERGYTM is a proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in a blasthole that is resulting in improved productivity, decreased cost and reduced environmental impact for the customer. This method increases productivity with its single-product design for wet and dry conditions, which reduces explosives inventory costs and simplifies budgeting. By applying this technology correctly, customers have a tool that can better help them correctly size the blasted ore for the downstream processing equipment available at the operation.


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