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Mining equipment news


Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

Nathan Hinton, Weir ESCO, evaluates how technological solutions in the cable shovel space are helping coal producers address challenges.


Buying A Belt? Ask The Right Questions

Liam Sheeder, Belt Tech Industrial, discusses differences and similarities between domestic and import belt and why a manufacturer’s reputation is more important than its location.


Fighting Fire With Innovation

Kirity Kumar, Quaker Houghton, explains the need for fire resistant hydraulic fluids and their importance within the coal mining industry.


The DEM Sweet Spot

Lee Gailer, RST Solutions, outlines how to achieve ideal moisture levels for controlling dust while using less water to preserve product quality.


Continuing The Legacy

Caterpillar Inc., USA, presents the latest contribution to the dozer sector and considers its prospects of upholding the proud tradition of the historic Cat D10 Dozer line.


Pave The Way For Innovation In Mining

Troy Rybicki, Bridon Bekaert, reviews the advantages of fibre rope boom suspension pendants, highlighting their substantial weight reduction, damping properties, reduced metal fatigue, and extended operational lifespan.