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Coaltrans Asia 2023

Coaltrans Asia 2023

24 September 2023 - 26 September 2023


Coal has had an extraordinary year; the impact of the coronavirus pandemic coupled with a global energy crisis turbo-charged by the Russia/Ukraine conflict has seen demand – and prices – sky-rocket. And it has overshadowed the industry’s crucial net zero transition and plans to decarbonise.

How will the dust settle on new supply and demand routes? Where next for coal prices? And what of the lingering impact of the pandemic on production and transport? Is there any end in sight to the geo-political turmoil playing havoc with gas supply?

Coaltrans Asia 2023 will address all the key issue which will shape the outlook for coal across the coming year. We’ll have industry leading experts, ministerial-level insights, and high-level perspectives for coal producers, energy companies, and key industries.

Coaltrans Asia is Asia’s biggest coal event, offering an unparalleled opportunity in a volatile and fast-changing environment to connect with industry leaders, forge relationships, and negotiate and trade in person.

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