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16th Indian Coal Markets Conference

16th Indian Coal Markets Conference

20 March 2023 - 21 March 2023


After a two-year hiatus, when the coal conference was held digitally because of the pandemic, mjunction is now back to organising India’s premier coal conference in a physical format. The 16th edition of the conference will be held on 20 – 21 March at the ITC Sonar, Kolkata.

To capture the essence of this fast-changing energy dynamics, the theme of this year’s conference has been chosen as: ‘Coal Rush: Growing in a Green world’.

As the world grapples with an unprecedented energy crisis, India remains largely insulated, thanks to its continued dependence on coal as the primary energy source. In fact, India’s coal production is expected to see a record jump of nearly 100 million t in 2022 – 2023. Also, the power sector’s coal consumption has gone up by 50 million t, while captive coal output is set to cross the century mark. And these numbers are only going to rise further, with commercial miners joining the coal bandwagon, sooner rather than later.

This, however, does not undermine the country’s commitment to green or just transition. Renewables and hydro power have already garnered 40% share in generation capacity. The question, therefore, arises if the simultaneous growth in coal and renewables would put to question the viability of fresh investments in either of these sectors.

Some key topics to be discussed in the conference this year:

  • Will India reach its peak coal by 2030 – 2031?
  • What is India’s plan for its 140 billion t of proven coal reserves?
  • CIL’s turns its focus to green mining: What changes can the market expect?
  • Is time running out for commercial miners?
  • RE’s growing clout: implications for India’s coal demand
  • What are the takeaways from transition projects in Europe and South Africa?
  • Will the seaborne coal prices remain firm in 2023?
  • How will the ocean freight rates move in coming quarters?
  • Why is pet coke staging a come-back in cement kilns?
  • How decarbonisation will change steel’s raw materials requirements?
  • Gasification in DRI sector: current status and mid-term outlook
  • Indian solar power: Capacity is fine, but what about low generation share?