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The 5th Global Thermal Coal Resource & Market Summit

The 5th Global Thermal Coal Resource & Market Summit

16 November 2017 - 17 November 2017


China's thermal coal prices have been undergoing very rapid and unpredictable fluctuations since the start of de-capacity campaign last year. What has been the underlining factors that driven the dramatic market ups and downs? How will the government policy impact China coal supply in the new circumstances and to what extent will China restrict coal import?

The 5th Global Thermal Coal Resource & Market Summit will come again on 16-17 November, 2017 in Beijing to help solve these puzzles. Key topics to be addressed during the Summit:

  • Impact of 2017 China economic environment on thermal coal demand.
  • Supply-side reform policy trend and Chinese coal market outlook.
  • China thermal coal cost structure and influencing factors.
  • China thermal coal miners' supply status under de-capacity policy.
  • New highlights for China thermal coal demand.
  • 2018 thermal coal prices forecast.
  • Competitiveness comparison between Chinese and overseas thermal coal.
  • Thermal coal pricing mode discussion under the new circumstances.

This Summit will invite macro economy specialists, representatives from coal production and consumption enterprises, ports and logistics experts, and traders to deeply address the above topics. It also offers a unique opportunity for participants to discuss the current and future trends, as well as to gain new connections, new ideas and new business opportunities.