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International Clean Coal Summit

International Clean Coal Summit

22 March 2017 - 23 March 2017


International Clean Coal Summit is organised by the Coal Producers Association. This summit and exhibition is going to be supported by The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey.

According to the data for 2015, total hard coal reserves in Turkey are over 1.3 billion t. Lignite reserves total over 15.3 billion t, of which 329,5 million t are proved, 21 million t are probable and 15.1 billion t are possible (2015, MTA). 81,1% of these reserves are held by three public corporations. These are General Directorate of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI), Electricity Generation Co. and General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA).

Turkey’s electricity production is 250.435 GWh in 2014 and 48% of it (120.437 GWh) is obtained from natural gas. Coal-fired electricity generation, which was 74.040 GWh in 2014, constitutes 29.6% of total quantity. All legal regulations, incentives, economical structure, banking system and social opportunities sought by foreign investors are available in Turkey. A strong government is in charge, which commits to support coal investments.

Now it is possible to make investments economically thanks to new clean coal technologies developing day by day where heavy metals and even carbon can be filtered.

During this summit, coal technology companies and cal power plants suppliers will have chance to meet with Turkish coal producers during a B2B matchmaking programme.