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Indian CBM gas production threatened by low prices and potential bottlenecks

Though coalbed methane could provide ample gas to meet India’s supply needs, low prices and potential infrastructure bottlenecks could cap production growth and delay investment.

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Government to rule on coalbed methane plans

Scottish Government takes over the decision on two planning appeals for the production of coalbed methane.

UK council delays decision on CBM application

Trafford Council has delayed its decision on whether or not to award a permit for a coalbed methane project at Davyhulme.

The view from space: plotting methane leaks

Satellite data has been used by researchers from NASA to plot leaks of methane from coalbed methane operations.

The Global Methane Initiative

Felicia Ruiz, Environmental Protection Agency, and Charlee Boger and Raymond Pilcher, Raven Ridge Resources, Inc. US, explain how the GMI can help coal mines in China and Mongolia determine the most profitable way to extract and use coal mine methane.


Anti-CBM group banned from Australian parliament

An anti-coalbed methane activist group has been banned from using a room in the Australian parliament.

Saving Yorkshire

A programme aimed at redeveloping Yorkshire’s abandoned coal mines and turning them into CBM projects could rejuvenate the area.

Approval for CBM pipeline

Australian Federal Government approves Arrow Energy’s coalbed methane pipeline in the Bowen Basin.

First mine methane project listed with ARB

California Air Resources Board lists VAMOX coal mine methane demonstration project.


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