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Risks and challenges of CBM are manageable, says Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist & Engineer has released the final report from her 19-month independent review of coalbed methane activities in New South Wales.

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Slowdown in CBM drilling hits Greka Drilling

Greka Drilling announces losses on back of slowdown in CBM production.

A maverick idea

Maverick Synfuels unveils small-scale plant, which can use coalbed methane to help create biodiesel.

APPEA: NSW natural gas freeze is ‘extraordinary’

APPEA finds the timing and content of reports that the NSW government plans to extend its freeze on CSG exploration ‘extraordinary’.

NSW extends freeze on CSG licences

The government of New South Wales has confirmed an extended 12-month freeze on coal seam gas licences.


Coalbed methane in Pennsylvania

Antonette Markowski, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, US, provides an insight into the coalbed methane industry in Pennsylvania.

Remediation work at Botswana CBM project

Tlou Energy announces start of remediation work for the Selemo coalbed methane pilot pod in Botswana.

Dart Energy surrenders stake in Indian CBM blocks

ONGC’s CBM project in India hits stumbling block as Dart Energy surrenders stake in the CBM blocks.

Bangladesh assesses CBM potential

Bangladesh is assessing the potential of developing coalbed methane projects at the Jamalganj coal mines.


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