World Coal

World Coal

In this month’s issue of World Coal, the regional report focuses on Mongolia, where Ng Weng Hoong explains why investor interest in the country is falling. The September issue features the North American Manufacturers Review, which profiles North American manufacturers of equipment for mining, handling and processing coal. Also in the issue can be found articles on mine fleet management, loading & haulage, mine emergency response, as well as exploration & surveying. The Industry View, from Hal Quinn of the National Mining Association, explains why the US Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is not simply implausible, but actually impossible.

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In this issue


Coal News

Industry View: Demanding The Impossible.
Hal Quinn, National Mining Association, US.

The Resource Curse
Ng Weng Hoong explains why investor interest in Mongolia is falling.

Turning Data Into Knowledge
Stephen Brown, Leica Geosystems Mining, Australia, explains the vital role played by fleet management systems in optimising mining operations.

The Future Is Autonomy
Vivien Hui looks into what the future might hold for fleet management systems and autonomous haulage.

Missing The Point
Graham Lumley, PwC Australia, explains why fleet management systems should be one of the most important tools for improving mine efficiency – and why they are currently failing to be so.

Avoiding A Collision Course
Ian Bell, Motion Metrics International Corp., Canada, explains how collision avoidance technology can prevent accidents and save lives.

On Active Duty
Chris Vargo, Allison Transmission, US, explains how powertrains can propel performance and productivity of heavy-duty trucks in coal mines.

A Reliable Guide
Dr David Buttgereit, XGraphic, and Prof. Hussein Tudeshki and Thomas Hardebusch, TU Clausthal, Germany, discuss the use of economic and ecological analysis software and its use in mining, engineering and material handling operations.

Preventing Methane Explosion Propogation
Prof. Johannes Jacobus Labuschagne du Plessis, University of Pretoria, and Helmut Späth, HS Design and Engineering, South Africa, discuss active barrier performance in preventing methane explosion propagation.

From Compliance To Risk Management
Martin Olsen, Olsen Consulting Group, Australia, reviews the effectiveness of belt road segregation practices in preventing the migration of contaminants through the mine.

Journey To The Subsurface Of The Earth
Gordon Stove, Adrok Ltd, UK, discusses atomic dielectric resonance technology, which has the potential to transform coal exploration practices.

North American Manufacturers Review 2014
World Coal profiles North American manufacturers of equipment for mining, handling and processing coal.

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