World Coal

World Coal

In this month’s issue of World Coal, the regional report focuses on Japan, where Ng Weng Hoong explains why reports of coal’s demise are far too premature, as the government looks to use the fuel to tackle the country’s domestic energy crisis. The July issue features World Coal’s Power Market Review, in which Dr Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer details the key role brown coal plays in maintaining stable electricity prices. The July issue also features articles on mine communications, ground engagement tools, stockyards, silos and storage domes, conveyor transfer point solutions, as well as screening & sorting. The Industry View, from Nathan Flesher, Elliot Holland and Eugene Smit, McKinsey & Co., explains that coal mining companies should not accept conventional wisdom that their positions on the cost curve are fixed: Geography and geology are not destiny.

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Coal News

Industry View: Geography And Geology Are Not Destination
Nathan Flesher, Elliot Holland and Eugene Smit, McKinsey & Co.

A Steady Hand
Hard coal is the most important primary energy source in power generation, accounting for 36% of electricity generated globally. But it also plays a key role in maintaining stable electricity prices, as Dr Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer, Germany, explains.

Into The Breach
Ng Weng Hoong explains why coal’s decline is far from certain, as Tokyo abandons its climate goals to tackle the country’s domestic energy crisis.

The Social Network
Stephan Ward, SPbEC Mining, Russia, explains how mesh networks have become a niche solution for underground mine communications.

Talk The Talk
Dr Wisam Farjow, The PBE Group, Australia, provide a technical report on underground mine communication systems.

Design Of The Times
Jayant Khambekar and Tracy Holmes, Jenike & Johanson, US, explain the importance of correctly designed silos, feeders, chutes and coal stockyard gravity reclaim systems.

A Vital Assessment
Randy Rahm, CoalTech Consultants Inc., US, outlines how an in-depth coal handling assessment can help deal with the difficulties of handling sub-bituminous coal.

Safe Storage
Chris Geijs and Jaap P.J. Ruijgrok, ESI Eurosilo BV, the Netherlands, review fire protection in coal silos.

Let The Coal Flow
Nick Koppelaar, Plastruct-Polyzone group, Canada, explains how the application of a polymer lining can boost the flow of coal.

Is Your Chute System Optimised?
Matthew J. Koca and Bob Lord, Flexco, US, discuss obtaining optimal belt loading.

The Route Through The Chute
Joe Sander and Phil Wowak, ASGCO, US, discuss ways to improve the flow of coal through transfer chutes.

Dust And Air: The Facts
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, and Greg Boggio, Dynegy Midwest Generation, US, discuss the issue of dust at coal handling operations.

Lift And Shift
Paul Waanders, Maats, the Netherlands, outlines the case for using Liebherr conveyor belt shifters.

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