World Coal

World Coal

In this month’s issue of World Coal, the regional report focuses on South Africa, where Barry Baxter looks at some of the challenges and obstacles facing the country’s mining sector as it plots a path towards an as-yet uncertain destination. The August issue feature’s a keynote article from Redpath Australia, where the authors discuss the use of a tunnel boring machine for drift excavation at a coal mine in Queensland. The August issue also features articles on room-and-pillar mining, coal inspection and testing, as well as coal loading & unloading. The Industry View, from Jill Duggan, Doosan Babcock, explains why the coal industry must dig deep in finding a new funding mechanism for carbon capture and storage.

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In this issue

Coal News

Industry View: Coal Must Dig Deep
Jill Duggan, Doosan Babcock, UK.

Thinking Outside The Box
Clayton Donnelly, Gavin Ramage and Mark Donghi, Redpath Australia, discuss the use of a tunnel boring machine for drift excavation at a Queensland coal mine.

Destination: Uncertain
Barry Baxter reports on some of the challenges and obstacles facing the coal mining industry in South Africa.

Beating The Drum For Drum Design
Dr Fiona Mavroudis and Dr Lars Pierburg, Eickhoff Bergbautechnik, Germany, explain how important cutting drums are to a continuous mining machine.

Two Is Better Than One
Hanno Bertignoll and Christian Umundum, Sandvik, Austria, explain how mining operations can achieve increased productivity in room-and-pillar mining.

Mining In The Deep
William Schloemer and Jiri Golasowski, OKD a.s., Czech Republic, detail the challenges of room-and-pillar mining at 900 m depths in the Czech Republic.

Just Good Sense
Chris Fischer, Mine Site Technologies, Australia, discusses key business drivers in the adoption of proximity detection systems.

Benefits Of Online Coal Analysis
Michael Evans, SGS, US, and Ron Graham and Charles Rose, SGS Minerals Services, US, explain how installing an online analyser can increase profits through improved efficiency.

Sample Preparation For Coal Analysis
Dr Tanja Hanke, Retsch GmbH, Germany, and Dr Andreas Theisen, Eltra GmbH, Germany discuss the influence that sample preparation has on elemental analysis results when testing the quality of coal.

The Eureka Moment
Sang Ho, Ventyx – an ABB company, US, launches a search for the eureka moment in coal testing and inspection.

The Right Tool For The Job
Matt Morrissey, Siemens AG, Canada, details the evolution of belt scale calibration.

The View From The Port
Sander van der Veeke, Ovet, the Netherlands, details the benefits derived from investment in infrastructure at coal handling terminals in the Netherlands.

Moving In Bulk
Dr Wei Ye, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions – Business Unit Resource Technologies, Germany, discusses recent developments in bulk materials handling for mines, terminals and stockyards.

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